In today’s fast-paced world, people are always on the go, & finding healthy & satisfying snacks that can be easily consumed on the go is becoming increasingly important. Our new savoury snack product is designed to meet this need, offering a convenient & delicious snack option for busy individuals.
Target Audience:
Our savoury snack product is primarily aimed at young professionals & students who lead busy lives & are always on the go. They also value convenience & portability, as they often snack while commuting or between classes.
Design Direction:
To tackle the challenge of creating a standout packaging design, we started by researching the snack industry & analysing the packaging designs of our competitors. We found that by using bright, eye-catching colours & bold fonts can attract consumers’ attention.

The design featured a large product image, clearly displaying the snack’s flavor and texture. We also included a brief product description & the nutritional information prominently on the packaging, as health-conscious consumers value transparency & clarity.

The result of our packaging design was a sleek & modern design that effectively communicated our snack’s benefits & differentiated it from competitors. Our snack product quickly gained popularity among our target audience, & we received positive feedback from consumers & retailers alike. We believe that our packaging design played a significant role in our snack’s success, & we are committed to continuing to innovate & improve our packaging design to meet our consumers’ evolving needs.
Problem Solved:
The main problem that the packaging design aimed to solve was to make our savoury snack product stand out on the crowded shelves of convenience stores & supermarkets. We recognized that in the snack industry, packaging design plays a crucial role in attracting consumers’ attention & influencing their purchasing decisions. Therefore, we wanted to create a packaging design that would differentiate our product from competitors, & effectively communicate the benefits of our snack.

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