Utopia, led by principal designer Gaurav Kankariya, is an interior design company that
specializes in crafting exquisite spaces for Celebrity homes, Luxury Residences, Corporate spaces, Retail, Hospitals, and Restaurants. being a forward-looking company since its inception in 2010, Gaurav noticed that many plans were not designed with interior possibilities in mind.

This motivated him to start consulting and collaborating with architects and developers at the early planning stage to bring about change in the real estate community. After more than a decade of experience, Utopia found itself facing stagnancy and monotony in the types of services it offered. As a brand, they aspired to take on more challenging projects that would elevate their standing. Unfortunately, the company was struggling to attract quality opportunities and compete with larger, more established organizations. To address these issues, Utopia decided to undergo a rebranding effort to revamp its image and better communicate its value proposition to potential customers.


The company’s existing brand identity did not resonate with its potential customers. The
company needed to modernize its brand to better React its values and goals to differentiate itself from competitors.


The rebranding effort began with a thorough assessment and research of the company’s target audience, competitors, market, and current brand identity. For developing a new brand identity that is better aligned with its values and goals.

The messaging focused on the company’s commitment to designing a space without losing its very basic nature and functionality, positioning it as the same was a perfect choice so we came up with the tagline “The Essence of Space” to describe its positioning. Which became our major reference point to built identity. The company’s new brand identity needed to feature a modern, minimalistic identity that has good functionality on all kinds of collaterals.

The mark is a customized serif “u” that utilizes repeated elements. Despite lacking a visual connection, our mind still manages to connect them. These elements are crafted through shape psychology – bold stems convey strength and confidence, while gentle thick-to-thin curve strokes add elegance. The mark incorporates Did one or modern serifs, creating a contrast that evokes luxury. All of these elements blend together to form a graceful rhythm and movement.

This mark is paired with the Futura typeface, a geometric, rational, and super versatile font. The combination of this elegant mark, loose tracking, a black and white color scheme, and a customized luxury tone of voice together create as described by one member of a focus group “modern and posh-looking identity”.

We revamped the company’s website and marketing materials to complement the new brand identity and launched on social media platforms. The updated materials showcased the new branding, as well as more engaging and user-friendly content. In addition, the company faced problems sorting inquiries, which made it difficult to respond to clients in a timely and efficient manner. To address this issue, we implemented a backend inquiry sorting system that classified inquiries into three groups: customers, vendors, and contractors. This system utilizes cloud technology, which allows the company to store and access data remotely, making it easier to manage and respond to inquiries. The implementation of this system has significantly improved the company’s ability to manage inquiries and provide better customer service.


The company’s rebranding effort, which was noticed by hundreds of professionals, partners, and vendors, had a significant impact on its business. The updated branding resonated with potential customers, resulting in increased website traffic and inquiries, with a Steady flow of 50 daily website visits. This increased interest led to the company closing three instant deals and winning over new customers, solidifying its position as a formidable player in the market.

Additionally, the new branding and messaging helped the company to stand out from its competitors and establish a unique identity in the market, resulting in an increased social media following in the thousands. By emphasizing its commitment to the “Essence of space,” the company effectively communicated its value proposition and captured the attention of its target audience. All in all, the rebranding effort was a resounding success, enabling the company to refresh its image, attract new customers, and compete effectively in a crowded market while achieving tangible results in terms of website traffic, social media following, and business deals.

  • Social media followings in 1000’s
  • Closed 3 instant deals
  • 50 daily website visits