Sector :  Organisation (Ecommerce Marketplace consultant & Operators)
RevBoosters, a dynamic company specializing in E-commerce marketplace operation and consultancy, scaled over 200+ brands on online ecommerce platforms, sought Design Quarry Studio’s expertise to overhaul its digital presence. The project aimed to enhance the company profile, revamp the website for optimal UX/UI, elevate social media engagement, create compelling pitch presentations, and design comprehensive company decks.
Design Quarry Studio: Transforming RevBoosters' Digital Presence
Design Quarry Studio faced distinct challenges across various facets of RevBoosters’ digital presence. The company profile initially struggled with outdated design elements, lackluster content, and visual inconsistency. For the website, poor UX/UI, content gaps, chaotic structure, and ineffective communication were significant hurdles. Social media presented challenges in inconsistent branding, an unfocused strategy, an engagement gap, and an absence of measured impact. In pitch presentations, issues included data overload, lackluster impressions, and visual dissonance. Lastly, RevBooster’s company decks grappled with incomplete representation, design disparity, and the delicate balance of delivering detailed information without overwhelming the audience. Design Quarry Studio aimed to address each challenge systematically, creating a cohesive and impactful digital transformation for RevBoosters.
"Transforming RevBoosters involved overcoming hurdles, from revamping an outdated profile to shaping a seamless digital experience—a journey of strategic triumphs and transformative solutions."
1. Company Profile Design:
  • Redesigned the company profile for a powerful first impression.
  • Collected and curated data to create concise, impactful content.
  • Implemented a visual language to enhance overall aesthetics.
Transforming words into a visual symphony - because a great company profile is the prelude to success.
2. Website Design:
  • Enhanced UX/UI for extended user engagement.
  • Developed content for the website with an emphasis on user interaction.
  • Designed information architecture and user flows.
  • Created low and high fidelity wireframes for a seamless experience.
  • Developed emailers with sorted backend and frontend for effective communication.
  • Built case studies for website showcasing.
  • Coordinated with developers for seamless implementation.
Click the link to view the fully designed live website – www.revboosters.com
Transforming chaos into a user-friendly haven, integrating content, structure, and seamless communication.
3. Social Media:
  • Established a brand-consistent grid.
  • Formulated a content strategy tailored to the audience.
  • Generated engaging content for LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Wrote value-based articles for LinkedIn.
  • Recorded traction through Google Analytics.
Crafting a consistent brand story with a strategy blend for impactful social media engagement.
4. Pitch Presentation:
  • Visualized research data for impactful presentations.
  • Ensured the first impression was memorable.
  • Crafted visually appealing and engaging slides.
Pitching ideas is an art; we turned RevBoosters' presentations into masterpieces.
5. RevBoosters Company Deck:
  • Designed decks for various services, including training and consulting.
  • Ensured each deck was visually captivating and informative.
Every service has its unique story; we made sure RevBoosters' decks tell them with flair.
Conclusion, Design Quarry Studio emerged as the one-stop solution for RevBoosters’ design needs. Beyond delivering creative solutions, the studio provided strategic guidance and collaborated seamlessly with technicians and developers to bring the designs to life. With a refreshed digital identity, RevBoosters is now set to conquer new horizons.
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