Sector :  E-commerce UI РUX


In the healthcare industry, the comfort of attire directly impacts the well-being and performance of healthcare providers. Recognizing this, Polaris Medifabrics embarked on a mission to provide healthcare professionals with attire that not only meets the highest standards of quality and functionality but also prioritizes comfort and breathability.


We aimed to enhance the brand’s identity while preserving its fundamental essence. In the medical sector, crafting a unique and compelling brand identity is paramount for standing out and attracting customers. This process demands a deep alignment with the brand’s core values, aesthetic style, and overall approach to effectively differentiate oneself in a competitive landscape and resonate with the target audience.


The rebranding process began with a thorough evaluation of Polaris Medifabrics’ existing brand identity, target audience, market positioning, competitors, and established brand image. A customized logo mark was created, featuring the letter “M” to evoke the tactile sensation of fabric, symbolizing comfort and quality.


The existing Polaris Medifabrics website lacked clear segregation of products by color and size, leading to a less user-friendly  experience for customers. Streamlining these aspects was essential to enhance the user experience and ensure seamless navigation and transactions.


Another significant issue was the lack of hierarchy on the website, causing important information to blend in and making it difficult for users to find. The complex navigation and user interface added to the challenges, making it confusing for users to navigate and hindering efficient information retrieval.


Design Quarry took the proactive step of conducting a photoshoot specifically tailored to appeal to Polaris Medifabrics’ target audience. With meticulous attention to detail, we captured stunning imagery that showcased the quality and appeal of the products. Following the shoot, our team expertly edited the photos to ensure they seamlessly integrated into the website, enhancing the overall visual experience and effectively highlighting the excellence of Polaris Medifabrics’ offerings.


In collaboration with ALDS, Jaipur Design Quarry undertook the refurbishing of the e-commerce platform for Polaris Medifabrics with a comprehensive approach. Our process involved a thorough competitive analysis and meticulous examination of the drawbacks present in their previous website. To elevate the user interface (UI) and provide a seamless experience, we implemented a new design strategy. This encompassed several key elements:

  • Improved contrast for readability
  • Legible fonts for engagement
  • Consistent typography for cohesion
  • Clear information hierarchy for navigation
  • Proper whitespace for focus
  • High-quality imagery for brand communication
  • Simplified navigation for ease
  • Effective content organization
  • Optimized loading speed
  • Enhanced SEO for discoverability
  • Adherence to branding guidelines
  • Professional, visually appealing design

To enhance the user interface (UI) with appropriate visual cues, a new design strategy was implemented. This involved creating a design that emphasized improved contrast, enhanced font legibility, ensured consistency in typography, established a clear hierarchy of information, incorporated proper whitespace, utilized high-quality and relevant imagery, simplified navigation and user interface elements, organized content effectively, optimized loading speed, enhanced search engine optimization (SEO), adhered to branding guidelines, and crafted a visually appealing design that accurately represents the firm’s expertise and professionalism.