AM to AM


Sector :  Brand Identity


This project entails the creation of a comprehensive brand identity specifically tailored for Premium Salon at The Mills Pune. The objective is to establish a distinct identity for the salon that not only sets it apart within its current
location but also lays the foundation for expansion into additional branches. The scope includes the development of a cohesive brand concept that resonates with the target audience, along with the application of this identity
across various touchpoints such as signage, corporate materials, and other branding collateral.


The brand identity design of AMtoAM Unisex Salon reflects a deliberate focus on simplicity, elegance, and relevance to its core values. The decision to opt for a logotype instead of an icon type underscores the uniqueness and memorability of the brand name itself. By making the brand name the dominant element of the identity, AMtoAM ensures instant recognition and recall.

ypography plays a significant role in conveying the brand’s ethos, with a careful selection that embodies subtlety, premium quality, and modernity. The typography choice aligns seamlessly with the salon’s values, ensuring
consistency across all brand touchpoints.

The logo design exhibits thoughtful craftsmanship, with attention given to contrast, weight, size, and style of
typography. The use of “to” to connect the two “AMs” cleverly signifies the salon’s operating hours, from Morning AM to Midnight AM. This detail adds depth and meaning to the design, enhancing its relevance to the brand.

The custom font, inspired by brush handwritten type, infuses a handcrafted touch to the logo, further emphasizing the salon’s dedication to quality and attention to detail.

Despite constraints such as the existing use of green in the salon’s interior, the colour palette is meticulously curated to complement these surroundings. Deep emerald, peach, and misty grey are harmoniously blended to
evoke a sense of sophistication and warmth.

Overall, the brand identity design of AMtoAM Unisex Salon exudes a sense of refinement, contemporary flair, and attention to detail. By integrating elements that resonate with its brand values and operational concept, AMtoAM establishes a cohesive and memorable identity that resonates with its target audience.


The versatility of AMtoAM’s brand identity has been evident in its seamless application across various mediums, including neon signage for the event. We’ve experienced a consistent flow of 4-5 walk-ins daily in the first few days, there have been successful voucher redemptions, 10 new memberships acquired within a month, and a business turnover of 5 lakhs in their inaugural month. Additionally, they’ve garnered interest from other brands seeking to collaborate as styling partners for social causes. It appears that AmtoAM is firmly on the path to success.