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Top 5 brand elements of all time

Similar to a human body, a brand also consists of many parts that make it. These are called brand elements. A brand is always represented by the tangible elements the create and form a sensory identity in the market and minds of the consumers. Brand elements are some recognizable trademarks that help consumers identify and differentiate it from other brands in the market space.

These elements aid in creating the brand’s perception in the minds of their target audience. There are quite a few! The five brand elements that are essential are:

1. Brand Names: A brand name refers to the word or phrases that identify the company, product, service or content and other core values of the brand. On the outside, naming a brand may seem very simple but coming up with an innovative and creative brand name.

2. Logo: To put it very simplistically, a logo is a visual trademark that the consumers use to identify with the brand. It is something that creates brand recall even without the name being there.

3. Brand’s Character: It is the materialisation of a brand’s personality in the form of an animal or animated object figure, symbolic in nature, that stands as its spokesperson and representative. In addition to facilitating brand identification, functioning as a synthesis of its visual identity, a brand mascot facilitates an emotional connection with the public.

4. Slogan: Slogan shows the philosophy of a company. What are the values and how the company wants to be presented in the customer’s head? Slogan gives us more than just 3 or 4 words. It is some kind of company value creator. In 3 words you see what they stand for.

5. Packaging: Doing the packaging of a product is not a simple task. Here every little attribute should be considered carefully. The fonts, colours, logos, and sizes. The composition of these many factors create perfect packaging. There is no other brand that has the same packaging philosophy. And they are differentiated due to their genius style.

“A business is merely the body. The brand is the soul.” Keep branding!!

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