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The Importance of Visual Elements while Defining your Brand Strategy

A few years back, the function of brand strategy was reserved for global brands. However, with digitalization, more business owners realize the importance of a solid brand strategy. The critical elements of a brand strategy include:

  • The Brand’s Core – Purpose, Vision and Values
  • The Brand’s Positioning – Audience, Market and Goals
  • The Brand’s Persona – Personality, Voice and Tagline

A brand is the perception of a business, and the brand identity creates itself due to the brand strategy. All the actions carried out by a company to generate its pursued identity contribute to building a strong and memorable brand. Building your brand’s persona requires a deep understanding of visual elements that will connect with your brand’s core and positioning.

What is Visual Branding?

While a brand strategy can often include some intangible elements, the visual elements are the tangible parts that help your customers differentiate your brand from the others. All the visual elements representing your brand – in your store, in the office, across marketing communication and at all other customer touchpoints will contribute to brand building and are essential to your strategy.

What are the Key Visual Elements in a Brand Strategy?

It’s often the most striking element of your brand and helps users recognize your products at the first look. Nike’s logo is one of the finest examples of visual branding as just looking at the swoosh; we associate every communication from the brand with Nike – without any words.


The characters and typing style represent your company’s values and brand’s persona. Think of the typeface of Coca-Cola, which has been consistent ever since the brand’s launch in 1886. Every time we see the typography, we remember Coca-Cola, even if some other word is written in the same font and style!

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Colour Palette
Ever wondered why opposing teams wear different colours? Or why suits for a financial job interview are preferably dark and subdued? On the contrary, why do construction workers wear glowing jackets or yellow clothes?

Like a person’s clothing, your organization’s colours speak volumes about your personality. It helps customers differentiate your brand from competitors, showcase your belonging to a  market, industry or geographical location and trigger a response or action from your customers – often all at the same time!

Did you know? Using a signature colour can boost brand recognition by 80%? (Think Starbucks!)

Image Styling
A picture is worth 1000 words only when it aligns with the other elements of your brand strategy. For example, if your brand is clean, friendly and warm, your photographs or illustrations should be similar. Especially now with social media, consistency in image styling for your brand strategy is crucial to connect and engage with customers. Check out our Instagram Page for image styling ideas!

Graphic Elements
Your visual language should build a cohesive system across your physical and virtual presence as a brand. When you use elements like icons, charts, infographics or colour blocks, they should reinforce your brand strategy and identity in your customers’ minds. When you positively think about the visual elements during your brand strategy, you pave the way to create an emotional connection with your audience. So if you’re ready to define your brand strategy and empower your brand with visual magic, Design Quarry is happy to help. We’re a dedicated brand strategy agency in Pune with an unwavering love for design, visual language and colourful ideas! Let’s go mining for visual magic together.