Rucha Bhandare

Rucha Bhandare

Co-founder, Culture and Employee Engagement Manager


Rucha pursued graphic design at MIT, Pune in 2012, a 4.5-year degree at that time. Throughout her tenure at the institution, she devoted herself to refining her skills in design and collaborated with dozens of clients on design projects. Her internship further bolstered her practical experience at Changing Sky. After graduating she has worked as a freelance graphic designer for multiple startups successfully.

Subsequently, her classmate and childhood friend, Prutha, realized her academic project, Entwine, was a startup venture and luckily her other childhood friend Mayuri had a background in product design, together they focused on creating diverse gift packaging solutions for corporate and personalized gifting, wedding hampers, and more. Rucha’s prior experience in executing several design projects during her academic and freelance tenure helped her develop strong connections within the market. Eventually, these clients began to request packaging with brand identity designs, advertising campaigns, etc. which became a new area of focus for this trio. New design queries were the foundation of the new expansion ‘Design Quarry LLP’.

Rucha led DQ more on the PR front, she is a communication and relationship-building expert. Her communication style is friendly and approachable. She believes in making quality conversation and building strong relationships with people these qualities of hers played a major role in building community for ‘Charcha’; it was DQ’s successful initiative where people from the creative industry could share their thoughts and ideas in a comfortable and safe space. Sessions were moderated by experts and insightful newsletters were printed summarizing key points discussed. It promoted collaboration, creativity, and innovation in the industry. In her early academic days, she has been seeking mentorships from a lot of design veterans which also helped in shaping DQ. She understands the value of mentorship and has also mentored many young talents aspiring to be in the design field.

As an MIT Alumni, she has actively been called for jury for various design competitions and exams. She says the Design field being from more of print to now riding at full speed on digital, makes learning design a two-way process, educators can learn just as much from their students as every next minute there is something to learn and update. This exchange of knowledge and ideas is not only integral to effective learning design but also benefits the design community as a whole.

One client of hers rightly defined her as a “People Person”. She understands the importance of maintaining good relationships and building community. She thus established a solid network of connections with clients, employees, design institutions, mentors, and young talents. Rucha is an incredibly passionate designer who loves working with people and helping them achieve their goals.

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