Prutha Kulkarni

Prutha Kulkarni

Co-founder, Creative Director. Melbourne, Australia

Prutha Kulkarni

Prutha pursued her education in graphic design at MIT Institute of Design, Pune in 2012. After that, she undertook several short courses in graphic design at the University of the Arts, London. She then completed a 3-month internship with a small design firm in Ahmedabad and concluded her graduation project with Innishari. Her graduation project comprised illustrating and designing posters that captured the essence of Pune city, and it received recognition by being selected for the Pune Biennale in 2012. This experience eventually led her to undertake several other freelance projects for businesses situated in and around Pune.

She embarked on her professional career when she collaborated with Rucha and Mayuri to transform her design school project, Entwine, into a fully operational startup that provided creative gift packaging services. Their shared passion to establish something of their own drove them to take on this entrepreneurial venture. While working at Entwine, they started receiving inquiries for graphic and product design services, which led them to establish DQ. Prutha recalls being in a branding class in London where she came up with the idea of starting a business offering graphic design services. While discussing with Rucha and Mayuri in her attic room on a cloudy day in London, they decided to name the business after the Quarry in Pune, where they used to discuss their aspirations.

Prutha gave a necessary strong design foundation for DQ, she is responsible to oversee the team’s creative process, emphasizing the importance of a process-driven approach to projects. She believes that having a clear plan with defined objectives, scope, deadlines, milestones, and steps is critical for the team’s success in delivering projects that meet the client’s expectations and achieve the desired outcome. Leading multiple projects has been a challenging but rewarding experience for her, and the ones that hold a special place in her heart are Edge, Cocopani, and APLN. All the hard work and dedication paid off when the Edge project received the best project award at IBDA, which she considers her favorite. Her extensive experience in the Indian and Australian design industries, emphasizes her ability to create strong brand stories that connect with audiences. Prutha believes that the key to finding effective solutions is asking the right questions and translating customer dreams and ideas into impactful design solutions.

Prutha, a Design Whizz, inspires young designers at the studio and serves as an excellent mentor. She cultivates a sense of community within the company, encouraging collaboration and teamwork among team members, thereby empowering them to express their ideas and opinions.

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