Mayuri Shende

Mayuri Shende

Co-Founder, Brand Strategist


Mayuri Studied Product design at Raffles Design International, 2012 graduate. Before founding Design Quarry she worked at Studio Haus where her key role was to design glass bottles for Spring water, this followed into extended product design assignments of furniture designing, where she delivered up to 40 furniture designs.

Her co-founder and childhood friend Prutha Kulkarni’s academic project Entwine intrigued her to form a company; this was the start of her entrepreneurial path. Entwine was a start-up that provided gift packaging for various celebrations. In a period of two years, they completed almost 50 such projects. Given the educational background, they started receiving inquiries for Logo design projects which gradually grew to full-fledged branding and marketing projects, on completing some of those projects there was a realization of future opportunities the brand name Entwine did not sell for this expansion. when she’s of a strong belief that a customer connects to a story. The common factor between the 3 co-founders was The ‘Quarry’ of Pune where they dreamt of owning a company.

Design Quarry, founded in 2015, successfully spearheaded this firm with a zeal to strategically transform brands across all major industries, leading to India’s best design award for the branding project EDGE, the cold-pressed juice company. Her real estate background developed a vocabulary of Sq.ft, area, and campaigns. In 2018 one of the Real estate branding projects was launched. Which was then broadly used as a reference brochure across Maharashtra.

An incredibly driven person who understands what it takes to achieve success. Her positive energy is contagious, which positively impacts people around her. Her business background helps her to better understand the business core of all kinds of industries, she can easily identify with clients and help them reach their full potential with transparency. The CEO of one US-based brand, being impressed, flew over to visit her. For her FMCG clients, she is the one point of contact throughout the life of their FMCG projects. Her old clients always remember the result-oriented service she provided which eventually makes them come back to her. She has the quality of being a good listener, and she thinks clients know their businesses well, for her client’s opinions are a critical aspect in her projects to lead to better results.

Mayuri is a woman of integrity who knows how to make things happen, always thinking about what she can offer through her service for the betterment of society. She is truly an entrepreneur at heart.

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